1 of the last things to do this summer was to pay a quick visit to nearby Wittmund where the Swiss airforce would be deployed for the summermonths. During the summertime most of the Swiss fighterbases are closed for several weeks to reduce the noise for the tourists who celebrate their holidays in the country. Like last year the Swiss had chosen the German airbase Wittmund in the north to deploy some of their fighters to continue flying during the summermonths. .Since I missed the last spottersday at Wittmund it would also be a good moment to catch some Phantoms which is a dying breed around this part of the globe.

At around 8 I left home towards Wittmund and just over an hour and a half later I was standing near the fence. The airfield was buzzing with activity and the first aircraft had already returned from their first wave. I hoped to see their anniversary bird and wasn't dissappointed. Around noon it went out with 3 other aircraft and returned 90 minutes later. The weather was great but the clouds weren't allways cooperating but I got my shots so I mustn't complain. Here a review of what passed my lens before we got sent away.


Jan Eenling 2009