JG71 Richthoven Wittmund

This was probably the last trip of 2007 but I couldn't resist to have 1 of the last looks we can have at the Phabulous Phantom at Wittmund in Germany. The night before I was planning to go I called Cris to ask if he would join me for the trip towards northern Germany. The time to depart was set for 6 in the morning because the men from Richthoven have the habit of starting early. At around 0830 we arrived at the village of Wittmund to get some last minute refreshment for the day and check out the preserved
Phantom at the trafficlights,unfortunately it was already too light for some dark shot but we had all day to go back for that. Once we were in position for the day we met fellowspotters Maurits and Rene who had the same idea for some Phantomspotting. They told us that at 8 the scramble-aircraft had already taken of. It took almost all day for the clouds to clear and it made our lives very difficult to take decent pictures with low ISO values but when it did it improved dramaticly.
The only trouble we had that day with base-security was that we had brought our small stepladders and put them near the fence. We were ordered to put them back in the car and that was the last we saw of them all day!! We stayed untill the last wave for the day went airborne and this happened around 1630 and the light was fading away fast. What a magnificant sight to see those burners flame down the runway in near dusk. We shall visit again soon to do some nighttime filming. Whoaaaa!!!!

Jan Eenling 2008