Every year the Royal Netherlands Airforce organizes an airshow at 1 of its main operating bases. This year it was held at Volkel AFB in the south of the Netherlands. This edition saw the dutch premiere of the first italian Vipers on dutch soil. The lign-up saw a great diversaty in aircraft with a lot of special paints. The technicians of Volkel had taken the oppertunity of painting 1 of the instructional airframes to let it look like the first F16 that visited the Netherlands back in the seventies and I have to say it looked great.
The attendance of the Royal Navy Harriers was 1 of my personal highlights of the show and also the last time I have seen them since and sadly it is now too late and they have all been decommissioned. Every show at Volkel I have attended so far there always seems to be bad weather and this edition was no exception. When I have the chance I try to visit on the friday because several participants still have to arrive and it is not as crowded as on saturday but they have changed the arrivalday now to thursday so that won't work anymore.

Jan Eenling 2008