Valkenburg naval airstation is 1 of the places were normally not much action is taking place apart of some frequent visitors which visit Valkenburg to use the flightsimulator of the P3C Orion. But once in a while it is buzzing with activity when it is hosting an openday for the public.

The airshow at NAS Valkenburg is not a yearly event so when it takes place most of the dutch spotting community will try to visit this event. The Royal Netherlands Navy atracts other planes then your regular airforce airshow. Most of the aircraft showing up are in the same corner as the navy like naval aviation and coastguard.

To visit the event we left the north early in the morning by car and we had to park on shoulders of road leading to the naval air station. From there it was a short walk towards the flightline. The gates didn't open to the public before 9 but most of my travel- companions and myself are in the military and were scanning the static aircraft before it got crowded with people and picturetaking would be reduced to almost impossible.

The displayprogramme didn't start before noon and wasn't all that special so we decided to leave early and get away before the big crowd would.



Jan Eenling 2009