The 5th day of our tour started again at Meiringen for the better part of the day. This time we decided to get on top of roof of the restaurant and get some high angle shots of the aircraft. From the roof you have a very good overview of the airfield to both sides and a nice overview of the platform. This morning they were using the 05 for take off and the 23 for landing which made it ideal for us because all aircraft were using the taxitrack that runs parallel to the runway and you don't have to use big lenses to make your shot.
As the previous days we also visited the other locations around the airfield and took some extra time to make some exceptional shots at the cavern were we saw how the Hornets were pulled out of the mountain and started up in front of it. during the day we had several visitors like the new swiss PC21's which sound like WWIIfighters during certain manoeuvres. In the afternoon the first clouds appeared for the first time and we packed our gear to do some recon at Sankt Stephan where the Huntermeet would take place.

Jan Eenling 2008