The 4th day of our tour de Suisse continued at Meiringen after we had visited Alpnach and Emmen.The great thing of staying at the Gasthof next to the airfield is that you don't miss any of the action and even during breakfast we saw the first helicopter coming in to pick up some pilots to transport them to another base. The thing we noticed is that the PC7 is used like some sort of taxi and frequently different examples came in for a short stop. Like the previous days the weather was great with warm tempratures and lost of sun.
The main goal for the day would be to catch the aircraft at as much locations as possible. The first wave took to the sky at exactly 0830 with about 9 aircraft. we managed to get also some shots at the platform near the cavern where the Hornets are tucked away from danger. It is nice to see how the swiss airforce is working out of a mountain. Fact is that when you ask the guard about any flying activy he gave exact times and even the serials of the aircraft that would take to the sky!! Can't wait to go back to Switserland!

Jan Eenling 2008