Tuesday the 4th of august we had a guided tour at the Pilatus factory in the morning starting at 9 o'clock which guided us along all production and maintainancefacilities.Sadly for us all PC21's produced for Singapore had already left for transport to Emmen AFB to be shipped(airfreighted) to Australia where they will be stationed.We were allowed to take pictures in the factory but only for personal use and not for publishing so will not see pictures from me about this subject.After we finished we stopped by Alpnach.
We arrived just before the afternoon break and caught 5 choppers returning for dinner. Although the swiss website said Alpnach should be closed it didn't like it at all with several helicopterson the platform. We waited untill 12 to leave for Meiringen to get some more fighteraction for this trip. We arrived well in time before the first wave taxied towards the runway. The Hornets flew only 1 mission in the afternoon but the F5's were flying pretty good and went up for 2 times in the afternoon.

Jan Eenling 2008