TLP 03 of the 2009 is probably the last ever to be held at Florennes airbase in the south of Belgium.After the summer it will have relocated to Spain where the expectation of less weatheraborts are high.The new home for TLP will be Albacete where you can find Ala 14 that flies with Mirage F1.Due to the fact that this will be last time it will be in the vicinity I had to visit this edition. As so many times before the weather wasn't favourable but hey the mix of aircraft made it worth wile.

For the third time this year the polish were present with their new vipers and the spanish were present with their new toy the Eurofighter.The french had brought 2 types of deuxmille and the french navy were present with Super Etendard. 1 of the aircraft was painted in an all grey scheme and had bombmarkings beneath the cockpit.

Not being able to attend the spottersday I had to look for an alternative to see the last TLP in action. I visited in the second week of TLP where there are no extra assets yet present. I sincerely hope that the out of area TLP will visit the mainland Europe again soon and preferably somewhere close with good photo-oppertunities from outside the airfield aswell as from the inside.Lets hope for the best and I hope that the spanish police will get used to spotters like the north of Europe.


Jan Eenling 2009