TLP 02 of 2009 was once again an edition with a very nice selection of participants. The Polish were again present with their brand new Vipers and also the Italians had brought with them their new toy the Typhoon. The Spanish had brought no less than 6 Hornets and the Greeks had taken with them their newest Mirage 2000.

During the last few weeks of this course I had hoped to take a day off and visit the TLP but somehow I didn't have any oppertunity to do so untill the 1st of april. I had some business to  attend to at our headquaters at SHAPE in the south of Belgium near Mons. Afterwards I headed towards Florennes to see if I could catch the aircraft during take-off but otherwise I would stay untill their return back to base.

Fortunately I arrived well in time before TLP departed and to my big surprise all the trees were cut down to make our lives a lot easier to make some decent taxishots. Only downside to this new oppertunity is that we are standing lower then the passing aircraft and the better you can compensate for this difference the less you loose of the airframe in the picture but then again I still think you can make lovely shots from this side of the airfield aswell. Lets make the best of it for as long as it still lasts at this wonderfull location,after the summer it will be relocated to Albacete Spain.


Jan Eenling 2009