The Tactical Leaderships Program at Florennes Airbase in the south of Belgium was the first event in a new year for me to get my gear and take look what it had to offer. Completely to my surprise at my arrival I saw that polish Vipers also were participating in this edition. The weather was still overcast but the clouds started breaking up and it promissed to be a nice day. Around 12 the first aircraft already were starting up and some 20 minutes later the first aircraft taxied out towards the runway. The local F16's were doing many circuits and luckily I didn't stop following every aircraft coming in for landing because between those guys doing touch and go's was an italian doubleseater coming in for landing. After the landing the first aircraft were ligning up for take-off and once again it were italian Vipers. After that the first polish Viper rolled towards the runway and it was the twinseater with conformal fueltanks,Wow!What a nice camouflage they use on these aircraft! After less than 1 and a half hours the first wave returned for landing and the sun was still shining very nicely creating wunderfull photographic conditions. After the last plane had landed I left heading for Brussels airport to have look at Abelag and see what was parked up there. Unfortunately 30 kilometres from my destination a traffic-accident had happened and got stuck in traffic for almost 2 hours before I reached my goal.


Jan Eenling 2009