On sunday the 12th of august we visited Szolnok Aviation Museum which is situated next to the main gate of Szolnok airbase. The museum is open on a daily schedule and is free of admission. The museum has a mixed collection of former Soviet and Western aircraft. The museum has almost 1 aircraft of every type ever flown by the Hungarian airforce and has plenty of Mig21's in storage on the museums ground.The museum has several special painted aircraft in its collection such as the "Eagle-Hind" .

Even aircraft that are still flying for the Hungarian airforce are already with the collection in the museum like the AN26 and the L39 (which are former NVA). My personal favorites from this museum are the CF104D,SU22 and the JAS37 with the special tail. If you are in the vicinity it is well worth a visit and might the museum be closed then most of the collection can be read off with a small stepladder near the fence.

Jan Eenling 2008