On sunday the 12th of august we had arranged a basevisit at Szolnok airbase which is home to the helicopterfleet of the Hungarian airforce. This fleet is a mix of several types of Mi8 and Mi17 and also Mi24 and the newer Mi35(also known asMi24V). Szolnok is also home to the remaining Yak52 still in service which are used for pilottraining.Szolnok is also used as a storagedepot for surplus aircraft and sparepartrecovery for written off airframes. All the more reason to pay them a visit and to see for our selves what it looks like. When we departed our hotel that morning the weather didn't look all that promissing but once there it all cleared up

and even the sun showed itself and made it all the better for us as we heared over the radio that the weather at the airshow at Kecskemet was horrible with frequent showers and even thunder.The base was also a temporary home to the An26 fleet who are normally based at Kecskemet but had to move because of the airshow. During our visit the field was buzzing with activity because of the airshow and even maintainance was carried out on several aircraft on sunday. After we had seen almost all aircraft on the airfield we asked if it was possible if we could visit the flightline for some actionshots but this was denied  and we left base.


Jan Eenling 2008