This years summerholiday fell a bit early because the fact that my regular holidays didn't coincide with my wife's holidays and to spend some time together we decided to make it an early 1 this year at the beginning of may.

We had booked a holiday home some 40 km north of Esbjerg in a town called Hennestrand. As I most of the times do I checked if there was any kind of aircraft in the vicinity that I could visit or museum for that matter.

As I found out Danmarks Flymuseum in Stauning wasn't that far from where we stayed so a quick trip was made to check the residents in this museum. Stauning has the biggest collection of former Royal Danish Airforce aircraft and several examples are still airworthy like the Chipmunks which are regular guests at danish airshows.

At our arrival the first thing I noticed that the gateguard Draken AR-118 was missing its nose-cone which doesn't look all that pretty. On the danish part of their website they say it will be replaced by another aircraft which will be reveiled later this year at the beginning of  october.

The collection itself is displayed in 3 halls and in the 3rd hall all fighteraircraft are on display like the Draken, Starfighter, Meteor and Hunter. Sad thing about this hall is that some aircraft are very close to 1 another which makes picturetaking not the easiest task but then again like always most museums aren't made for photographers.


Jan Eenling 2010