On my way back from the Auto und Technik Museum in Sinsheim my next stop was at it twinsister museum in Speyer where you can find the Technik museum.The same sad story applies for the aircraft in this museum with the most of them polemounted or in a position very difficult for decent picturetaking.Also the state of some of the aircraft on display makes you want to cry and scratch your eyes out.Take for example the very nice TF104G from WTD61 who has been positioned between 2 pillars or the sorry state of the F104 on display outside with its sidepannels removed. Please if I may give them some respect! The least thing they could do is get rid of all the plants inside the museum that obscure some aircraft.Secondly the museum grounds are big enough to seperate the aircraft from the rest and give the whole collection the space it deserves instead of cramping everything together on such a small area.But then again I'm just into aircaft and the people from the museum see it in a different way.Lets hope for future aircaft they may obtain that they leave them in orginal livery.

Jan Eenling 2008