In 2000 the anual Danish airshow was held in the south of Denmark at Skrydstrup AFB. The prommising line-up of aircraft and the presence of the amercan displayteam the Thunderbirds did me decide I wanted to visit this show. After some asking around I found a travelcompanion that would accompany during my trip. The airshow itself was held on saturday and we decided that we would leave early in the morning(around 3 am) so that we would arrive around 9 in the morning. After a uneventfull trip towards our goal we arrived around 9. The weather in the morning wasn't all that great but it was improving. After several solodisplays the time had come that the Thunderbirds would show their skills in the air. Just after their take off they went outbound to scout the sky if it would be "suitable" for them to perform. Luckily for us they did perform their show but afterwards they didn't salute the crowd and took the first exit instead of rolling to end of the runway and take last exit. after the show had ended we walked down the static aircraft to get our pictures without people in them and from there to the shelterarea where more aircraft were parked. Once we had finished we headed back for home.


Jan Eenling 2009