The Danish Airforce organises yearly an airshow and this year it was to happen at Skrydstrup AFB in the south of Denmark. A plan was made together with Cris( and Bert to visit this show. We left on saturday and the trip towards the field went faster then expected so we did a little tour around the airfield in the evening. We drove up to main gate and to try our luck to get on base(we all are military) and 5 minutes later we were driving along the flightline. The next time it will be held at Skrydstrup we will probably be leaving sooner so we have more time on saturday when there is no crowd to be bothered by. The airshow itself is because of the heavy backlight bad for shots.Because we didn't want to get caught in a trafficjam at the end of the show we left early to head back for home. Just over the danish border in germany we made a quick stop at Hohn AFB to read of the local C160 Transalls and Hueys. No less then 15 C160's were on the platform facing our way. Unfortunately not all could be read but hey it was still a good score. After that we got back in my car and headed back for Leeuwarden where I would drop off both my travelcompanions.


Jan Eenling 2009