One of the museums still on my wishlist was the museum in Sinsheim.The Auto & Technik museum lies on the autoroute A6 that runs from Mannheim to Heilbronn. I was staying over the weekend in Germany and hoped for some nice weather on my trip and wasn't let down this time.One of the downsides of this museum for an aircraftenthousiast is that the aircraft aren't the main reason for excistance of the museum.All kinds of stuff can be found in this museum like Main Battle Tanks(MBT) locomotives and cars for all periods of time. Also a downer for me personally is that most aircraft have phantasy paintschemes on them instead of the original paintjob. Nevertheless it is still nice to see Concorde and Concordski side by side on top of the roof. I also had a look at their compound where they temporarely store aircraft that still have to be prepped for display or will leave the museum. With a little help from the book EMOOS 2007(European Military Out Of Service)that describes the location of the compound. Soon to come also a report on its sister museum in Speyer which has also a nice collection of aircraft.


Jan Eenling 2008