For the better part of the 5th day we spent up and around Meiringen AFB but having exploited most of the photographic spots and no new aircraft to be seen we decided to travel towards St. Stephan where the next day the rehearsal displays would take place for the Huntermeet 2008. Arriving at Sankt Stephan we quickly spotted the runway and had to figure out what the best spots for photography would be for the next day. Just after our arrival we heard some jetnoise in the distance but it was raining hard so we couldn't see it.
But the sound was unmistakenly of a Hunter and after a few seconds it broke free from the clouds and made a beautifull low pass over the airfield. After that it made several aerobatic manoeuvres before it made its final approach and land. We scanned the airfeld for any other hunters and found the papyrus and patrouille suisse singleseaters parked already in the shelters that are located on this former military airfield. After a little bit of talking to 1 of the Huntercrew we decided it was time to head for home and say goodbye to Suisse (for now).

Jan Eenling 2008