Due to the nature of my work I would be away from home during the height of the airshow season in Europe so I had to look for alternative  options to see as much aircraft as possible.

Before I left on my trip I checked the internet to see if there would be any kind of event in the vicinity of the ports I would visit. After a bit of research I found that Patrulla Aquila was celebrating there 25th anniversary on the 5th and 6th of june. On the 5th there would be a static show at Murcia/San Javier and on the 6th a flying display at the nearby beach of Santiago de la Ribera.

My Ship would be in port during the weekend of the celebration but not very close.We arrived on the 4th in the port of Almeria some 200 kilometres away from Murcia/San Javier. I arranged a rental car for the weekend so I could visit the event.

On saturdaymorning I set off with my gear hoping to catch as many spanish aircraft as possible.I arrived around noon and a lot of people were following my example to have a look on base and see for themselves what it is like on the inside of the fence.

  Both airbase and airshow were facing the sun which made picturetaking problamatic. 1 of the big downsides wa that on base most local aircraft were on the big platform which was off limits to the general public.

The only foreign participants to the event were Frecce Tricolore with their MB339's. The airshow itself was on the nearby beach of Santiago de la Ribera which is ajacent to the base. Most aircraft in the Spanish inventory were displaying there skills. Most impressive were the high speed runs preformed by the F-18 and Typhoon which both almost broke the soundbarrier.

The grand final was Patrulla Aquila preforming their show which lasted almost 30 minutes. Hopefully the next edition will see more foreign participants. Enjoy!




Jan Eenling 2010