Like last year the Royal Netherlands airforcemuseum in soesterberg opened its gates and depots for the big public to see. Last year nor all visitors were able to visit the depots because of a too big crowd. This in mind we dicided to go early and hope for the best. Once arrived in Soesterberg we were 1 hour ahead of schedule before bus 1 would leave for the depots. Luckely for us the weather was outstanding with tempratures rising slowly towards the 28 degrees celsius. Sadly the museum didn't give that much time to visit all hangars and shelters where they have stored their aircraft. To make this right we had some 7 starfighters for dessert. Next year maybe better lets hope so.

In the museum itself was an exposition of aircraft-art most of them by W Luyken who does it exceptionally good with great eye for detail.


Jan Eenling 2008