Just north of Munich in the south of Germany you can find Deutsches museum Flugwerft Oberschlei▀heim. This airfield used to be home to the US Army after the second World War but left in 1973. Still present today at the airfield is the Bundesgrenzschutz(Borderpolice) which have their barracks on the opposite side of the airfield.

My summerholiday this year was planned in Bavaria near the Czech border. I did some research on which museum would be in the vicinity and found this museum which also has another museum in the citycentre of Munich itself.

Due to limitations in space to show all their aircraft a new location was needed and Oberschlei▀heim was choosen to become the new home of several aircraft which had been on display in the museum in Munich itself.

The collection is build up out of civilian and military aircraft. Not all have something to do with german aviation history but that doesn't bother me. A big downside is that several aircraft are cramped together at a small space. When you are  a photographer like me and plan to visit the museum take into account that during the morning the sun is in front of the hangar and making your life difficult and creating a lot of backlight.

Some of my personal favorites of the collection are the X-31 and the Eurofighter prototype DA01 and F104Fand last but not least the F4E which has flown at Bitburg AFB and after its usefull life became an instructional airframe at Spangdahlem AFB before it was donated to the museum.


Jan Eenling 2009ę