In 2005 was for me the first time I revisted former Royal Airforce Germany airbase of Laarbruch now known as Niederrhein airport. The last time I had been here the Harriers of 3 and 4 squadron were still flying here after they had been relocated from RAFG GŁtersloh and also the Chinooks from 18 squadron together with some Puma's were stationed here. Sad to see the Brits had left this wonderfull airfield but still active in another way what can't be said for Wildenrath which is another former RAFG airfield which has been demolished.
The airshow here wasn't all that spectacular but the static display compensated that in many ways with a great contigent from the British with several aircrafttypes like Harrier and Jaguar. The weather during our stay was good with lots of sunshine but because the show itself wasn't that great we didn't stay that long and after we went for a second tour along the static display we returned back to the car to head back for home. The next edition in 2008 saw an increase in number of aircraft and lets hope they can keep the trend high.

Jan Eenling 2008©