Another great day lay ahead of us after we visited Lechfeld the day before. Today we had several bases we wanted to check out on our way back to the north. The first stop of the day would be Manching where you can find the EADS-factory which builds the EF2000 for the german and austrian airforce.Also located at this base is a testunit of the german airforce called WTD-61 who operates all types of aircraft which are used by the german military. At our arrival they were towing a C-160D Transall to 1 of the dispersals and a Tigre was flying around giving us a nice oppertunity to catch it in flight.

Not much was going on here so we decided to move on to nearby Neuburg and hope to catch some Eurofighters. When we arrived we just had missed the return of the QRA-aircraft but the germans fly frequent QRA-missions so we decided to wait untill they would take off again. On the visitorsplatform were to F4F's from Wittmund and 2 more EF2000's were still up in the air. Just after lunch the QRA-birds were taxiing towards the runway and to our surprise it were both twinseaters which we liked even better!

After their take-off both Phantoms rolled towards the tarmac and also took to the sky. After this we left towards the next location:Donauwörth. At Donauwörth EADS builds helicopters ranging from NH90 to EC-145 and also overhauls helicopters for the german military. At our arrival several helicopters were on the platform. during our short visit no less than 6 "Jolly Green Giants" (CH53) were seen and a brand new NH90 and a Seaking and several other helicopters military and civilian. After this exiting stop next stop Ramstein AFB in the vicinity of Kaiserslautern.


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