Always when I'm on holiday I try to visit a museum which has aircraft in its collection. This time it was the Verkehrshausmuseum in the citycenter of Luzern.Its main attraction is its great collection of old (steam)trains and also a nice collection of Formula 1 cars and other racecars. The aircraft are cramped together in a 3 storiebuilding and they have been quite creative to fit them all inside. Sadly the museum doesn't have any of the former jetaircraft operated by the swiss airforce but still has a small but nice collection to my opinion.
If you want to visit the museum like we did the easiest way is to travel by train to Luzern and from the trainstation you can take a boat that drops you of in front of the museum or take a walk like me and my girlfriend did which will take about 20 minutes if you don't spend too much time looking at the merchandise people trying to sell on the street. 1 of the coolest things in the museum I think is the painting of all the aircraft which ever served the swiss airforce past and present.If you are in the neighbourhood come and take a look.

Jan Eenling 2008