Leeuwarden airbase has been my homeground ever since I started spotting back in 1987. A lot has changed but 1 thing is still the same they are still flying F16. This page I made with the intention to show you what passes my camera when I visit my playground. These pictures displayed here are all taken this year so far. The pictures here are a mix between on and off-base. The on-base pictures are taken during visits with our local spottersgroup who has an arrangement with the airforce to visit the airbase on predefined days during
the week. Also new at Leeuwarden this year is the arrival of the Hunter which is owned by a group of enthousiasts and they fly it in the former colours of the airforce. The serial is fake but is in line with the serials used by the airforce. The airforce serials ran untill N-320 for the trainers and this example is the following 1 so it became number N-321. Lets hope they can keep it in the air for us to enjoy. I hope you like them and let me know what you think of this page, have fun watching!!!!
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