On my way back from my holiday in Switserland I made a little detour to visit the Tag der offenen Tür at Lechfeld airbase in the vicinity of Munich in southern Germany.The weather that day should stay fine but severe thunderstorms were predicted for the end of the day. Underway from Switserland I had a lot of problems with trafficjams and wondered if I would make it in time to visit this event at all. Finally around 2 o'clock in the afternoon we arrived at Lechfeld with only a distance of 360 covered in almost 6 hours.
We didn't want to waste too much time so we found ourselves a parkingspot near the entrance and after paying the 2 entrancefee we were on our way towards the static. The first thing that drew my attention was a F104 that the used for picturetaking but unfortunately no one would step aside to let me take a decent picture of it but then again as stated before this event isn't organized to keep us spotters happy so next time I will try to get arrangements to visit the day before the publics day.

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