Every year I try to make a spotterstrip during the summermonths to increase my collection of military aircraft. This year I got the oppertunity to visit Lechfeld airbase in the south of Germany not far from Munich.

Together with my compadre Marcel Visser we were invited to take a look at the base during flyinghours to get an idea what it would look like. Unfortunately most of the active aircraft weren't at home but at nearby Neuburg airbase due to a limited availability of firemen at the time but they should all return during the day. This gave us the chance to be present at the briefing of the first wave that morning that would take-off from Lechfeld and from there make our way towards the shelterarea and witness the start-up and taxi-out towards the runway.

We were given total acces to every building we wanted to look in for missing airframes and I had brought my copy of the EMOOS2007 edition to check if we missed something. Due to the fact that 1 camp is closing down several preserved airframes have moved to a new location on base or have dissappeared completely. Hope you enjoy this report as much as we did making it. Special thanks to Captain Ben Schleider for making it possible.


Jan Eenling 2009