Once in a while there is a weekend that I don't leave Ostend and go back to the Netherlands and enjoy my weekend at home. This time the reason for me was easy because I had only 1 day left before my holidays began. To fill up my time for the weekend I had a quick look on the internet to see if I could find something interesting to do or to visit. The decision was made to have a look at the Musée de L'air in Le Bourget just 10 kilometers above Paris.
I started my journey around 11 am from Ostend and after almost 3 hours of driving in shitty weather I arrived at the museum. The museum is easy to find and is at the same exit as the airfield along the highway A1 to Paris exit nr.5. The sad thing about my trip was that the collection that is on display outside didn't come out as nice as it could have been. The light condition in most of the displayhalls is terrible and if you want to take pictures than my advice to you bring a tripod and a good flash. Happy spotting!!


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