Like every year Koksijde tries to host an airshow but this season the date they picked coincided with the defencedays in Florennes and they had to reschedule.Big problems with rescheduling is that major displayteams already have set their showcalender for the season.but at Koksijde they didn't give in and tried anyway. But when it was obvious that they couldn't pull off an airshow they went for a different solution with organizing an airday.

An airday is held during the week and can be scheduled like a major cross-servicing exercise and most aircraft will leave again at the end of the day so there won't be any need for accomodation and aircraft will be available for training again the next day. As good as they tried at Koksijde it wasn't a great event but it brought some nice aircraft to Koksijde.

The weather was also a great partypooper during the day with nothing but overcast and low clouds to obscure the aircraft from sight.

Next year we get a chance to see again a proper airshow at Koksijde because the defencedays will not be organized anymore and each component will host its own event again. Hopefully they are already planning for next years edition and hosting a nice event again. Like previous visits to Koksijde-airshows it is best to be off the airfield for taxishots and displayaircraft and after a 45 minute hit and run along the static aircraft I was away again to position myself mid runway along the taxitrack outside the fence.

Jan Eenling 2008