After hearing many great stories about Koksijde-airshow I went to check it out for myself in 2004 together with Cris from . We started our journey early in the morning around 5 and headed down south. After an eventless 4 hour trip we arrived at the gate and found out that it wouldn't open for another hour. Fortunately the weather wasn't that bad and we had a little chat with other people who were also waiting to get on the airfield. Luckely they didn't wait that long and after just 30 minutes we drove down the old runway.
Being for the first time at Koksijde we didn't know where the best spots were for photography but we soon found out that it wasn't inside the fence for some decent pictures of flying aircraft. A big bonus for us was that the flyingprogram wouldn't start before midday.That gave us plenty of time to go down the platforms and all the static aircraft and try to make the best out of it. The sun wasn't constantly present but gave us plenty of oppertunity to get some sun on them.
The flyingprogram started of slow and we first had to find where we had to go to get in a good position for some nice actionshots. We drove towards the town of Veurne and noticed on the other side of the canal the runway of Koksijdeairbase. We parked our car and walked across the small bridge and in the distance we saw big smokeplumes which lokked like a Boeing 707 so that had to be an E3. At around half past 2 we decided to head back for home,a day well spend.

Jan Eenling 2008