Kleine Brogel airbase organizes a Combined Air Operations exercise every 2 years. This years event saw the last participation of the Canberra and the Jaguar. No less then 4 Mig21's from Romania were on static display together with a Su22 from Poland. This event starts to look like spottersheaven because many good photographic possibilities are present and the aircraft at the static display aren't fenced in like on normal events. Most of the aircraft at the static display will also participate in the big ComAO which takes to the sky in the afternoon. Local aircraft fly several missions during the day and after their return most of them will do an extra tour via the taxitracks to give us plenty of oppertunities to get nice shots. Also on take-off if they leave towards the west pilots will make exeptional low passes and pull extra G's to show us their best vaportrails. The greeks had sent 2 of their Corsairs to brighten up the exercise which were warm welcomed by all of us. New to this event were to french Marine Rafale's from naval airstation Landeviseau which also took to the sky during the afternoonexercise. All in all a great event.

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