The first time for me that I could join my friends to visit Kleine Brogel during the big CAMAO exercise was a big hit with lots of special painted aircraft and wonderfull weather to keep us happy. The previous editions I missed because I had to work and had to listen to the guys and see the pictures afterwards of all the lovely stuff that they had seen. This year no less then 14 specially painted aircraft were attending this exercise.

All the local squadrons (31,349,OCU) had their own anniversarytails and also both squadrons from Florennes (1,350) had brought with them their specialtails. This kind of event gives us a golden oppertunity to get up close with active flying and all of its facets. The organisation always tries to get aircraft coming from RIAT to visit this event before going home.

For some people it may be anoying to see some of the aircraft again the following week after they have visited the RIAT but I don't mind because most of the times I can't visit the RIAT because I have to work or something else for that matter.

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