During our last trip to Baldonnel Ireland plans were made if it was possible to visit Hungary during the Kecskemet Airshow in August. Elmar and Cris planned the whole trip including hotel and transport and Harry and I were along for the ride. To make myself usefull I offered myself as driver to pick everyone up from their homes in the Netherlands.My journey started in Herbaijum and after a short drive I picked up Harry in Berlikum from there we drove to Cris who lives in Leeuwarden.

After an hours drive we picked up Elmar who lives in Steenwijk and the group was complete. Next stop on our trip was Dortmund from where we would fly to Budapest airport.After an uneventfull 1 and a half hours of flying we arrived at Budapest where a rental car was waiting for us to take us to our next stop Kecskemet airbase. It is a short drive from Budapest to Kecskemet and when we arrived weather was very good and we made our way towards the stored aircraft on the airfield.

The next day they wouldn't be accessible anymore for the public and after that we did a quick scan over the flightline. Big advantage was on friday that only a handfull of people were on base which gave us plenty of nice photo-oppertunities.On saturday it was very crowded and constantly changing weather and at around 1530 we decided to go back to our hotel to relax in the swimmingpool and get some cold beers for refreshment and wash the dirt away.

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