The Royal Danish Airforce (RDAF) airshow of 2005 was held at Karup AFB in the middle of Denmark. On the saturdays before the show it is normally rehearselday and making the final preparations before the big event on sunday. The airforce has made it also tradition to host on saturday a spottersday for a select crowd who can apply via internet. I had choosen not to do so and try my luck at the main gate on saturday. After a 6 and something hour drive I arrived at the main gate to try my luck. 
As it seemed there had been some cancellations and it was no problem for me to join the last group of late arrivers,the only downside to this was that I wasn't going to see the otherside of the airfield where most display aircraft would be parked but that didn't bother me. The big advantage of this all is off course not as many people as there would be on sunday which improves the ability of taking nice pictures by tenfold. I am sad to say on saturday during a practicerun the danish Harvard crashed and killed its pilot.

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