The last trip of the year took me to London for the weekend and we moored our ship alongside the HMS Belfast on the river Thames. On our arrival on friday I had still a lot of stuff to do and it was already late and a plan was made to visit a couple of museums on saturday.

The first goal of the the day was the Imperial War Museum not far from HMS Belfast but first we had to pick up our car from the nearby marinesbaracks and from there it was an easy drive towards the museum.

In the museum you can find the stories behind the several wars the british empire has been fighting in since the 1st World War. My focus was on any flying material on display with the museum.

When you enter the museum via the main entrance you step into the main hall where you can find several aircraft suspended from the cieling. On ground level you'll find vehicles and tanks and other equipment. The aircraft on display are only from the period of the 1st and 2nd World War if you want to see more aircraft of their collection you have to visit their other location outside London in Duxford.

 After we had finished here we got back to our car and headed for our next destination for the day the RAFmuseum in Hendon.

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