Every time our ship has had a big overhaul we have to take it to Lehmbek in Germany where they have a testrange where they can measure several things that are necessary for save operation during minehuntingopreations at sea. During several of these tests it is in our best interest that there are no persons on board which gave me the oppertunity to visit 2 airbases near the testrange.

I had arranged a rentalcar for the day to take me from A to B and back. First stop for the day would be Hohn which is home to LTG63 with Transall C160D and UH1D Huey and GFD company which operates several Learjets in changing configurations. I hoped that the Tornado's from nearby Schleswig-Jagel would still be flying from here like they had  been doing for several weeks due to runwayrepairs at their homebase but they had already returned.

Next stop was Schleswig-Jagel and I hoped that it would be buzzing with activity but during several visits at different locations not more than 8 aircraft were identified by me not including the gateguards.The GFD company at Hohn was flying several mission that day and no less than 7 different aircraft passed by in front of my lens. Both bases have several good spots to read off or photograph aircraft and I hope to visit both bases again in the future.


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