The last trip of the year took me to London for the weekend and we moored our ship alongside the HMS Belfast on the river Thames. On our arrival on friday I had still a lot of stuff to do and it was already late and a plan was made to visit a couple of museums on saturday.

The first goal of the the day was the Imperial War Museum not far from HMS Belfast and after that we took our car and headed for northwest London where the RAF museum is located. It took us more than 2 hours to get from the first museum to the next! If there had been any time left we would have tried to get also to Duxford but because we lost so much time only driving from A to B there was no time left to go to C.

The RAF museum has a wonderfull collection of aircraft and the first displayhall the lighting is okay for normal picturetaking. The bomberhall is a real shame because everything is cramped together and the light is horrible. Sometimes I had to use ISO 1600 or even higher to get a decent shot because the staff isn't to keen on tripods. I hope you like my short impression on this great collection.

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