I missed almost every event and airshow this year due to the fact that I was away from home for work. The Heldair airshow is the first and also the last that I visited this year. I had promissed my daughter that I would take her with me to an airshow so I fullfilled my promiss to her with taking her with me to Den Helder.

This edition would not see much military hardware but the weather was nice and we had something to do.Several vintage airplanes did attend to this event which made a bit more attractive but sadly not all was properly fenced off which made it difficult to get decent shots of some of the aircraft.

The flying didn't start before 2 o'clock so we had plenty of time to get there. We arrived just after 2 and missed out on the search and rescue demo by the dutch navy but we didn't mind. Our newest asset in the navy the NH90 gave an impressive demo which was flown by testpilots from the factory.The british Kingair from Cranwell gave also very good display and so did the formation Blades also from the United Kingdom.

Most aircraft attending were also participant for Sanicolle airshow in Belgium the next day so at 5 o'clock a big exodus of planes began heading south to their next destination. It was also time for us to head for home for dinner.


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