This year the NATO Airborne Early Warning & Control Force at former RAFGermany base Geilenkirchen is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Initialy formed to cope with the threat from Russia and its allies from the Warsaw Pact nowadays it serves as a frontlinesquadron for NRF(Nato Rapid responce Force). The fleet consists of a total of 17 E3A's and 3 CT49(all from the Boeing707 family). During the openhouse at Geilenkirchen most members had sent aircraft over for the staticdisplay and also some friends of Nato like the Swiss(F18D) Sweden(S100D) and France(E3D) were present.

The weather wasn't all that nice but between showers there was some sun. I did a hit and run over the platform and because I was 1 of the first to be on the platform there were virtually no people to stand in my way. Once back at the car the sky opened again and spilled its water to the ground. hopefully there will be an airshow the next time they host a show,lets hope for the best.


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