After a year of absence this year saw again a new edition of the high rated FWIT course at Leeuwarden. Last years edition had been cancelled due to operational commitments. When students participate in a FWIT course the first year they will be trainee and the instructor will be a second year student who has to teach the skills to the new guys to graduate.The number of students is increasing still because more airforces start tu use the upgraded F16MLU which is used for this course.
This year saw the return of the danish F16's after an absence of several years and for the first time there was more then 1 student from Portugal to participate. The training starts in may when first the instructors meet up again and after that the students arrive to start their training in classrooms. The training is divided in Air to Ground fase and an Air to Air fase. The A2A fase allways is the best fase for us with other aircraft being invited to act as agressors because the Air to Ground fase isn't Leeuwarden AFB but at MAS Ørland Norway.

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