Every year Leeuwarden airbase organizes a big exercise called Frisian Flag. This exercise is a spin-off of its american counterpart called Red Flag. Because of lack of money or no time to send aircraft to the other side of the Atlantic but enough demand to host such kind of exercise on this side 323 squadron took the initiative to organise a similar kind of exercise this was the birth of Frisian Flag. This years edition promissed to be a good 1 with Polish Vipers and German Typhoons and USAF Eagles but when the date drew nearer all that was left were a lot of dutch Vipers together with the USAF Eagles and a Falcon from Norway for jamming and 2 Learjets from the civilian opearator GFD stationed at Hohn in the north of Germany.

Normally for this kind of exercises I try to make free time as much as possible but this time I only succeeded to make time for just 1 day. fortunately the weather was in our favour and most of the aircraft took to the sky which gave us plenty of oppertunities to make nice pictures. At around 1545 all aircraft had returned and we left base to head for home. Hopefully next years edition will see more participants and a greater diversity in aircraft but nevertheless it was another great oppertunity to see a lot of aircraft up close and it is 1 of the last great exercises in the north which is still very accessible for us spotters with now TLP moving to Albacete in Spain.


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