Leeuwarden airbase is host to several foreign visitors due to the exercise Frisian Flag 2008. This exercise is a spin-off from its american and canadian counterparts like Redflag at Nellis AFB and Maple Flag at Cold lake. Because of the high demand for this kind of exercises but not always willing to travel the long distance to get to the other side of the Atlantic to participate the idea was born to stage a similar kind of event on the european continent.The first edition was held in 2002 and from this edition on it should be come an anual exercise.
Participants for this edition are the boys from nearby Wittmund with their Phabulous Phantoms from JG71 with a total of 6 aircraft,the new Rafales from EC1/7 from Saint Dizier with 4 aircraft and 8 F16AM from Florennes Belgium and to complete the grand total 12 F16AM/BM from homebase.Sadly the americans from Lakenheath had to cancel together with the Typhoons from Coningsby due to operational duties elswhere.Hopefully the next edition will see more aircraft and we hope the boys will return once more with their Phantoms.

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