During our holiday in Denmark we visited Egeskov Castle in Kværndrup which is situated on the island of Fyn. To get there from mainland Denmark you have to cross the Little Belt by a large bridge at Fredericia.

Egeskov castle has several museums located on its grounds and 1 of them is the veteransmuseum. The veteransmuseum's collection consists vintage cars and several aircraft out of the flying history of Denmark.

My special interest was of course the aircraft on display. Sadly the location isn't that good for displaying aircraft.The aircraft are parked between cars and some are hanging from the ceiling. Outside between 2 buildings a Saab Draken is on display. The aircraft is showing heavy wear due to weather and could use some hard needed TLC.

The cars in the museum are all still in driveable condition and used to drive visitors around the estate and on regular basis put outdoors to let us enjoy them in full glory would also be a nice suggestion for the collection of aircraft but that probably will only happen if they would be building a new hall to put the aircraft in.


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