Still high on my wishlist was visiting Cornfield range at Vlieland the only remaining range in the Netherlands. Our local aviation group had organized for us a visit on 19th of may and together with 8 other guys I was selected to join the group that would be able to go the range.

Due to vulcanic eruptions in Iceland the previous days the range had had very little traffic but the wind had shifted to our favour so thing were looking good. At 0830 we boarded the ferry that would bring us to the island. The weather was promissing and the sun was shining. We arrived at 1000 and took a taxi that brought us to barracks of Cornfield range.

When we arrived at the tower we were told that operations wouldn't start before 1130 so we arrived well in time. First aircraft for the day were some F16's from Leeuwarden overshooting the range on their way to the dogfightarea's above the Northsea. Next were a 2 ship from Volkel starting with some practicebombs and after that some simulated strafingruns.

During our visit the controller did everything he could do to arrange as much aircraft visiting the range as possible which resulted in the following report.


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