Our second day of our trip we had picked Coningsby. Because it is the last year of the jaguar and a few are still flying up here of this magnificant jet. Coningsby is presently home to no less then 6 squadrons with a variety of different aircraft which makes it all the more interesting for a spotter. It would also be my first glance at operational Typhoons and we were in for a treat because they flew in great numbers. Flying started already early in the morning with some crewferries comming in from Cranwell and Waddington to pick up stranded aircraft from before Christmas.(2x Dominie and 1 Sentry).

From 25 squadron (Leeming) came no less then 5 Tornado's F3 for a fullstop .Also 2 Eagles from nearby Lakenheath made several passes before leaving again. All in all we saw a great variety of aircraft passing us ranging from Harrier GR9A, Jaguar GR3, Tornado F3, Typhoon F2, E3D, Dominie till F15C .So you see we could have picked another day but we were glad that we hadn't. All you see on this page was taken during the morning to give an impression what flying is about at Coningsby. The afternoon was spend with a visit to the BBMF(a report will follow later).


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