Early in morning of wednesday the 2nd of september Cris Schrik,Bram Stienstra and myself assembled at a carpoolplace to go and visit heeresfliegerhorst Celle in Germany. Our rendez-vous was at 0430 and shortly after that we drove off towards Germany. This visit had been organised by Gilze-Rijen Aviation Society(GRAS) and our aviation group(Aviation Group Leeuwarden) had been invited to join them during their visit.

We arrived well in time at the main gate at 0800 and weren't expected untill 0845 so we had time to spare.Almost everyone which had signed in did show up with a few exceptions. At 0900 we were picked up at the gate by the PRO(public relations officer) who was a flightinstructor on the BO 105 and were escorted to a large briefingroom where he told us something about the history of the airfield and the units based at Celle.

Celle used to be a RAF airfield after the 2nd worldwar and was used intensively during the airbridge in 1948 in the 50ties is given back to Germany and since that time the Heeresflieger has occupied the airfield. Celle is home to the Heeresflieger Waffen Schule concerning Bo105 and UH-1D which has its main base at Bückeburg,it is also home to Heeresflieger Ausbildungszentrum C where new wannabe pilots learn to fly a Bo105 and UH-1D Huey.

After our briefing we walked to towards the maintainancehangars and platforms to score our first airframes for the day.Sadly for us not all hangars were allowed to be visited but in all a total score of 47 airframes was achieved which wasn't all that bad. We were allowed to position ourselves on the grass which is located between the platform and the mainrunway which gave us the oppertunity to make some lovely take-off shots of departing and arriving helo's. After this well organizsed visit we left to do some fencechecking at nearby Wunstdorf and from there we drove to Bückeburg to do the same. To be continued....


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