In 2005 an airshow was held at former United States Airforce Europe base Bitburg in Germany. Due to the fact that there are no suitable airfields in nearby Luxemburg to host this kind of event without hindering local traffic Bitburg is for that matter a good alternative and not too far from Luxemburg itself with a very good infrastructure to accommodate such an event. I decided to pay this event a visit because I thought that there would be a lot of military hardware present at this show but at my arrival I noticed it wasn't all that big. Luckily for me I arrived reasonably early so there weren't a lot of people  on the flightline to make my life hard to make a decent shot.

 Also a big plus was the wonderfull weather but it made also my life difficult because the platform at Bitburg is facing the sun and creating backlight conditions of the worst kind you can imaging. I had hoped that the nearby airbase Spangdahlem of US airforce would have sent more hardware for us to look at but all they brought with them was a Warthog A10 of the 81st Fighter Squadron. After just a little over an hour I was on my way again and on the prowl for some more aircraft and decided to pay nearby museum in Hermeskeil a visit and after that continue my travel towards Ramstein to catch hopefully some more aircraft.


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