Once every 2 years Bierset Heliwing organizes the Belgian Helidays. This year the event was to be held in june but due to federal elections the date was pushed backwards to may.sadly for us the weather wasn't as nice anymore like it was all april and the beginning of may but that didnt stop us from going anyway. The Helidays are known for its great variety of helicopters and is one of the few of its kind that holds such kind of events on a regular bases. This years event will be probably the last time at Bierset because in the near future the wing will move to Beauvechain airbase because the civil part of the airfield is fastly expanding and needs all the space it can get.

This years show would feature a number of foreign helicopterdisplay teams like the Blue Eagles from the UK. But unfortunately 1 of the pilots from this team was sick so it was a no show for this team. Nevertheless there was still 1 team that showed up with their brand new EC120 all the way from Spain the men from Team Aspa. During the day the weather went from overcast to broken with some scattered showers with heavy rainfall. The only good thing about broken clouds is that now and then the sun could shed its light on the static display so not all would seem like it had been gray all day.


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