At several small belgian airfield you can find aircraft-enthousiasts which were able to lay their hands on former belgian military aircraft.At the small airfield of Francorchamps for example you can find a preserved Mirage V and Thunderstreak and if you are in the neighbourhood of Namur you can also find some very well preserved aircaft just outside the airfield in front of the main building as a sort of welcomesign.Not all aircraft are well taken care of like the one you find along highway E17 (Antwerp-Kortrijk) at a cardump.

If you happen to be near Liège try to find the industrial area Milmort.If you have found it you will see a well restored CM170 high up on a hill in the middle of a roundabout,just down the road is a company which does a lot of work for the belgian defence and has a F16 in the frontyard.Mind you if want to take a picture of this bird you have to ask the guard nicely at the gate otherwise they will remove you.At Hechtel they are restoring a Thunderflash but its identity is unknown to me at this time.More aircraft can be found these are a few examples.

In my quest to find more belgian wrecks and relics I got lucky and here you can find some additions to my last reoprt.First I went to Rocourt barracks and had a nice chat with 1 of the guards and after explaining in my best french what I wanted I was walking towards the preserved FA36 behind the gate.The same procedure I repeated at Bierset to see the ALII and the BN2T plus Auster.Next stop was Saffraansberg to see the FX53 and also here at the gate asked if it was possible to photograph the aircraft which were standing outside the technical school and once again it wasn't a problem at all.


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