Still on my wishlist was a visit to the Wingheli which is stationed at Liege/Bierset in the eastern part of Belgium.It is fairly easy to arrange a visit at a belgian base as I found out. Via the website of the belgian defence all units have an own page with an email option where you can drop your questions and requests and they will email you what the next steps have to be. Once the date was set I had to try to find some people that had interest in visiting also and that proved to be not so easy.

At our arrival our tourguide for the day wasn't present but that didn't stop the tour on base. We were welcomed with a film about the wing Heli and in the mean time a bus was arranged to drive us around base. The weather was fabulous with lots of sunshine and no clouds to be seen. This is the last year for the wing Heli at Bierset because the military side of the airfield has been sold to the civilians from the other side of the airfield. The new location is not yet known where they will go and set up camp once again.


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